TPB75 – Mi Primer Bitcoin with John and Reyna

“Bitcoin breeds curiosity. And that curiosity paired with agency over your own life is so powerful” – John

My guests today are John and Reyna from Mi Primer Bitcoin. Mi Primer Bitcoin (My First Bitcoin) is a nonprofit based in El Salvador, built around a core concept: that independent, impartial, community-led Bitcoin education will change the world. John is the Founder and Executive Director and Reyna is the Vice Director of Adoption and Relations of Mi Primer Bitcoin.

In this episode we discuss the importance of focusing on empowerment, critical thinking, financial literacy, and hope regarding their approach to Bitcoin education. We discuss the impartial and independent nature of Mi Primer Bitcoin, hope for the younger generation in El Salvador, and fighting against co-option of Bitcoin from various interests and groups that wish to see Bitcoin as fiat 2.0 rather than the tool for empowerment, money outside of state and special interest control.

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