TPB74 – Bitcoin is Hope with Bryon and Christine

“Bitcoin is Hope.” – Christine

We have a special bonus episode this week! My guests today are Bryon and Christine. Bryon and Christine are both educators from the midwest, have been in the Bitcoin space for quite a while and have been leading the way in many regards from the progressive bitcoin side. Both being lifelong progressives and democrats, they speak to Bitcoin’s progressive values and why democrats, and the democratic party, should adopt bitcoin and why bitcoin is hope, what it can do for the working class, for refugees, and how political parties and typical solutions have left too many Americans behind. You will feel the midwest charm and warmth in this episode from Bryon and Christine, and we hope the everyday, average person can really resonate with this episode. As Bryon says, “we’re just people,” and they have countless examples of what Bitcoin has done for them, and many others.

Christine is also a feminist science author, so please check out her series, the “Europa Trilogy.”

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