TPB76 – What is Bitcoin? with Ben de Waal

“Bitcoin is money, but specifically Bitcoin is a form of money that isn’t controlled by any kind of centralized entity.” – Ben

My guest today is Ben de Waal. Ben is an engineer, technologist, and Bitcoin consultant, having previously led various engineering projects including as Vice President of Engineering at Swan. Ben also advocates for decentralized solutions and is always interested in discussing philosophy and human affairs through his lens as a libertarian socialist/anarchist.

As we anticipate further price action and interest in Bitcoin, Ben was the perfect guest to have on to discuss Bitcoin fundamentals for those that wonder, what is Bitcoin anyway? In this episode we cover how Bitcoin works as decentralized digital money without centralized control. Topics covered include Bitcoin mining, transactions, fees, private keys, seed phrases, the Lightning Network, differences between proof of work vs proof of stake, why Bitcoin has value, and more.

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