What is The Progressive Bitcoiner?

We are a podcast dedicated to giving a voice to the individuals and communities who have used bitcoin to foster positive changes for personal, social and environmental issues. Our first episode debuted in December of 2021, with the first 40 episodes hosted by Dr. Mark Stephany, who now serves as an advisor to current host Trey Walsh.

Our Goals


To increase bitcoin adoption by appealing to a mainstream audience which includes progressives seeking more information about bitcoin, but feel they have nowhere for answers that speak to their values.


To increase the diversity of content available in bitcoin education and who it targets, especially the podcast space, which largely leans more libertarian and conservative.


To produce content that showcases great stories and conversations centered around social justice, economic empowerment, environmental issues, and other progressive values.

Our Host

Trey Walsh

A fervent progressive and bitcoin advocate with a professional background in nonprofit management, workforce development, Trey Walsh has served in senior leadership of several different nonprofits focused on anti-poverty work, career pathways, and anti-racist action. Trey became interested in bitcoin because of its unique ability to promote human rights, social justice, and solutions to our climate crises. He has spent the last two years advocating for increased adoption, especially among people who hold progressive and left-leaning independent views, who in particular, are often wary, unsure, or skeptical of bitcoin. Trey has written many articles for publications such as Bitcoin Magazine, and has appeared on podcasts discussing bitcoin’s cultural and social layer, the convergence of bitcoin and politics, bitcoin as hope, and continues to advocate for the inclusive message that bitcoin is a global phenomenon, meant for anyone, especially those under-resrouced with the most socioeconomic challenges.