TPB70 – Dirty Coin with Alana Mediavilla

“I want people to become more curious about Bitcoin, even if they just want to prove it wrong.” – Alana

My guest today is Alana Mediavilla. Alana is an award-winning filmmaker, producer, director, writer, founder, mother & wife, having previously produced content for some of the largest tech brands including Google and now as founder and CEO of Filmkik, a remote video production company. Alana joined me to discuss her short film Stranded, focussing on Bitcoin miners monetizing stranded energy for good, and upcoming film Dirty Coin, a bitcoin mining documentary.

We talk about the impacts of bitcoin mining, misconceptions around its energy use and environmental impact, and how Bitcoin serves as a monetary lifeline for people in restricted economies. We discuss privacy and technology, and Alana shares with us her creative motivations, life lessons for being a creative and filmmaker, the balance in everything.

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