TPB83 – Bitcoin is a Paradigm Shift with CK

“Bitcoin is way beyond any sort of central ethos. It’s a force of nature.” – CK

My guest today is Christian Keroles, aka CK. CK is the Director of Financial Freedom at the Human Rights Foundation, focusing on advancing open-source Bitcoin development and global Bitcoin adoption. In his prior position as Chief Operating Officer (COO) at BTC Inc, CK was instrumental in shaping Bitcoin Magazine into the foremost publication dedicated to all things Bitcoin. He also played a pivotal role in establishing one of the world’s largest and most influential conferences in the Bitcoin and fintech industries—the Bitcoin Conference.

In this episode we discuss discusses Bitcoin’s transformative potential as a global paradigm shift. We explores Bitcoin’s anti-fragile nature, the need for solutions that work under realistic conditions, and the importance of adapting to the evolving landscape. CK emphasizes the limitless possibilities within Bitcoin’s consensus rules and the significance of environmental solutions.

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