TPB69 – Finding Signal through the Noise with George Kaloudis

“There’s a level of complete systematic subversion that buried into Bitcoin that even our most excited individuals aren’t too excited about.” – George Kaloudis

My guest today is George Kaloudis. George is an author and former analyst at CoinDesk. We have an in-depth discussion about Bitcoin’s potential role in empowering disenfranchised progressives and leftist causes, including Bitcoin’s appeal to millennials facing economic struggles, skepticism about institutions like BlackRock promoting Bitcoin investment, and predictions for Bitcoin adoption among a more mainstream audience. George discusses lessons learned in the crypto media landscape, the importance of stepping back and away, and Bitcoin’s ideological neutrality and its as-yet-unrealized potential as a tool for progressive political activism.

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00:00:00 Start  00:02:18 Introducing George Kaloudis  00:10:05 Working at Coindesk  00:23:01 Sponsor Message  00:32:22 Privacy and Censorship  00:42:18 The Political Landscape  00:49:50 Avoiding Societal Collapse  00:55:46 George’s Future Bitcoin Plans  01:03:20 Bitcoin Occupations Beyond Media  01:05:14 Wrap Up 

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