TPB68 – Bitcoin is Direct Action with Margot Paez

“This is direct action. This is mutual aid. And doing it with people all over the world.” – Margot on using #Bitcoin for aid without borders

My guest today is Margot Paez. Margot is a climate change physicist, Bitcoin mining researcher, and Fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute. She is one of my favorite guests to have on to discuss politics, social movements, all things bitcoin mining, and beyond.

We discuss how Bitcoin can serve human rights causes and humanitarian efforts globally and talk about using Bitcoin to provide direct mutual aid to struggling families in Gaza, circumventing barriers that often prevent aid from reaching people in war zones. We also discuss Bitcoin’s social impact potential, improving sustainability in the Bitcoin mining industry, and the importance of listening to local communities regarding bitcoin ming, and how the industry can continue to embrace being a good neighbor.

Margot and I encourage you to check out Yusef’s Geyser Fundraiser and consider donating any sats/bitcoin if you can to support families in Gaza with basic essentials during this time of war and crises.

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