TPB67 – Navigating Bitcoin’s Future in 2024 with Jason Maier

Happy New Year everyone, it’s good to be back after a brief hiatus! What better way to kick off the new year than with my friend Jason Maier. Jason is a returning guest, High School Math teacher, Bitcoin educator, and author of “A Progressive’s Case for Bitcoin.”

In this episode we discuss Bitcoin’s opportunities and challenges in 2024 – from mainstream adoption with a possible Bitcoin ETF to political unknowns with the next presidential election. We talk about whether hyperbitcoinization is likely to happen and when, and why Bitcoin is not inevitable without strong grassroots education and adoption efforts. Jason also shares his firsthand experience discussing and “orange pilling” his local community on Bitcoin. It was great to have Jason on in the midst of his sabbatical from teaching, as he reflects on this past year and the year ahead that is filled with more time for family, and more time for bitcoin education. One thing is for certain: it’s likely to be a very eventful and unpredictable year.

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