TPB66 – Speaking to Progressive Values over Politics with Logan

“I’m hoping Bitcoin can almost force an evolution of what we refer to now as progressive politics.”

My guest today is Logan. Logan is a Lawyer, writer, and has published incredible articles via his Think Bitcoin substack and Bitcoin Magazine

In this episode we explore the relationship between Bitcoin and progressive politics. We discuss whether Bitcoin aligns with progressive values, if it can address issues like wealth inequality and climate change, and how it may force an evolution in progressive politics. Key topics include the differences between “Capital P” Progressive politics/politicians and and “lowercase p” progressives, focusing on values over politicians and political power-structures. We discuss whether Bitcoin’s market-based solutions conflict with typical progressive reliance on government funded initiatives, and whether Bitcoin can slow wealth inequality over generations even if it doesn’t completely fix it. The conversation also covers the national debt crisis and why both major political parties avoid seriously addressing it.

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00:00:00 Start00:02:17 Intros  00:03:06 Bitcoin Renaissance for Progressives00:06:15 Logan’s Bitcoin Origin Story 00:09:23 Capital P vs. Lowercase p Progressivism00:13:00 Is Bitcoin Progressive?00:17:04 Government Solutions vs. Market Incentives00:21:15 Bitcoin’s Climate Change Solution 00:28:10 Bitcoin Doesn’t Completely Fix Inequality00:32:59 Bitcoin Can Slow Wealth Inequality 00:39:54 Forcing Political Evolution00:47:18 Bitcoin Requires Sacrifice  00:52:52 Michael Saylor Word Doesn’t Fix Wealth Gaps01:00:09 No Easy Way Out of US Debt Crisis01:08:39 Balancing Budget Requires Suffering  01:13:00 Need for Intergenerational Sacrifice01:15:46 Lack of Truth in Politics Today01:22:11 Recommendations for New Bitcoiners  

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