TPB65 – Bitcoin’s Evolving Environmental Narrative with Daniel Batten

“We need to be using less energy, which is coming from these forms, which is contributing to carbon emissions, but a whole lot more of forms which are flexible, which are stranded, which are carbon neutral or better even greenhouse negative.”

My guest today is Daniel Batten. Daniel is an entrepreneur, author, cleantech investor and co-founder of CH4 capital, a climate tech fund whose mission is to accelerate humanity’s response to removing methane from our atmosphere, with methane being one of the worst greenhouse gas emitters for how it traps heat in our atmosphere.  

In this episode we discuss effective communication techniques for progressives seeking to educate peers about Bitcoin’s climate benefits. Daniel advocates for bold, data-driven claims backed by scientific consensus to convey Bitcoin’s potential to environmentalists and ESG investors. We discuss bitcoin as a source of hope for progressives that can reignite passion from the progressive and environmentalist movements, and how to have open, thoughtful discussions with folks that still have yet to understand bitcoin’s potential and benefits. We discuss Bitcoin’s evolving environmental narrative, quantifying and using data to avoid vague speech that sounds like greenwashing, increasing mainstream media coverage of bitcoin in a positive light, and the work still needed to be done to show why Bitcoin is the greatest ESG asset and tool of our time. 

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 Daniel’s book, “How to change the world with one pitch: A blueprint for winning at life one conversation at a time,” with the updated 2nd edition just released!  

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00:00:00 Start00:00:27 Introduction00:01:13 Bitcoin Narrative Shift00:02:40 Daniel Batten00:04:04 Communication Strategy00:07:15 Theater Improv Principles00:09:30 Positivity Over Negativity00:11:10 Quantification Importance00:15:00 Mainstream Media Narrative Shift00:21:12 Communicating Mindsets00:26:00 Communication Tactics00:33:15 Perspective Shift Example00:35:40 Listening and Understanding00:42:00 Agreement Building00:47:51 Methane Mitigation Example00:56:08 Solar Transition Timeline Comparison01:00:17 Intention Setting

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