TPB62 – Why Bitcoin Matters for Gen Z with Ella Hough & Arsh Molu

“Gen Z…recognize the problems, but it just comes down to how they can be equipped.” – Arsh

My guests today are Ella Hough and Arsh Molu. Ella is a junior at Cornell University’s College of Arts and Sciences, pursuing degrees in Cognitive Science, Information Science and Business, studying the dynamics of Bitcoin’s diffusion through society, and Project Lead for Generation Bitcoin, a community of high school and college students inspring the younger generation to learn about bitcoin. Arsh works for the Human Rights Foundation, focusing on their financial freedom work, and is the co-founder of Generation Bitcoin.

In this episode we focus on empowering the younger generation through Bitcoin, and how critical this is considering the unpredictable future this generation faces. We discuss common misconceptions, overcoming resistance, Bitcoin as a tool for financial freedom and human rights, aligning incentives, finding purpose, critical thinking, short time preferences in culture, and more. Ella and Arsh are both incredibly bright and great representatives for the hope and power bitcoin can bring to future generations looking to make a positive impact in our world.

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00:00:00 Start 00:02:06 Introducing Ella 00:04:14 Introducing Arsh 00:06:11 Arsh Joins Human Rights Foundation 00:09:16 Generation Bitcoin Mission 00:15:39 Bitcoin Misconceptions 00:24:34 Real Issues to Address in Bitcoin 00:32:33 Psychological Barriers to Adoption 00:44:39 Overcoming Resistance 00:56:18 Self-Interest and Bitcoin Incentives 01:02:23 Purpose Through Bitcoin 01:10:28 Conclusion

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