TPB61 – Bitcoin’s Political Landscape with Dennis Porter and Jason Brett

“If you want to see a world where the US is a leader on Bitcoin…you need to be engaged in the process.” – Dennis Porter

My guests today are Dennis Porter and Jason Brett. Dennis is the CEO & Co-Founder of Satoshi Action Fund and the President & Founder of Satoshi Action Educate, non-profits focused on building policy and education for lawmakers and regulators on Bitcoin & Proof-of-Work mining. Jason is a former FDIC Capital Markets Regulator during the 2008-2009 Global Financial Crisis, a policy advisor at the Bitcoin Policy Institute, and Founder & Chairman of the Board at Value Technology which encompasses the use of blockchain to form decentralized, secure data exchanges.

In this episode we discuss bitcoin’s regulatory and political landscape, including the hotly debated FinCen proposed new regulation to enhance transparency in convertible virtual currency mixing and combat terrorist financing. While this proposed rule in many ways in overreaching and emotionally tuned, there is much to be hopeful for in terms of the regulatory landscape in the United States toward bitcoin, our legal system, the potential and anticipated Bitcoin spot ETF’s, and some bipartisan efforts to promote bitcoin. That said, there is still a lot of disappointment in anti-Bitcoin rhetoric and what many politicians, especially progressives and democrats, seem to be missing about bitcoin. We discussed how to engage in the political process regarding bitcoin and what progress folks like Dennis and Jason have been making on that front and so much more. We are incredibly lucky to have Dennis and Jason on team bitcoin, engaging in this mainstream, political world that is critical to positioning the U.S. as a leader in bitcoin and having U.S. citizens reap the full benefit of what a pro-bitcoin US regulatory and political landscape could look like.

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