TPB63 – Using Bitcoin Around the World with The Bitcoin Explorers

“Bitcoin is the most powerful tool to protect human rights and financial freedom all over the world.” 

My guests today are Laura and Rikki, aka the Bitcoin Explorers. In addition to their work through the Bitcoin Explorers, where they travel the world reporting on Bitcoin adoption, Laura is a graphic designer and social media manager and Rikki is an activist and host of the Bitcoin Italia podcast

In this episode we discuss their travels promoting Bitcoin adoption and peer-to-peer use cases around the world. They talk about using Bitcoin for human rights activism, the importance of the Lightning Network, realities of hyperinflation, embracing Bitcoin cultural diversity, empowering women, intentional community building efforts worldwide, and more. Laura and Rikki share firsthand stories of Bitcoin’s resilience and sparking hope even where governments oppose it. 

The Bitcoin Explorers: 





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