TPB60 – How Bitcoin Benefits Workers with Lisa Hough and Dom Bei

“If you really care about fixing problems, you really have to take a look at these solutions like Bitcoin.”

My guests today are Lisa Hough and Dom Bei. Lisa is a former natural gas trader and currently serves as the VP of Strategic Relationships at Custodia Bank. Dom is a proud fire fighter, former President of the Santa Monica Fire Fighters, and Founder of Proof of Workforce, a non-profit helping workers, unions, and businesses with education-based Bitcoin adoption. Lisa also serves on the board of directors at Proof of Workforce.

In this episode we explore Bitcoin’s potential as a tool for better savings for workers, as well as examining renewable mining incentives, pension solvency, income inequality, government surveillance, financial privacy, and uniting political divides. We also get into Bitcoin’s decentralized nature protecting human rights and economic justice globally, contrasted with proposed anti-privacy regulations. Lisa and Dom made this a fun, personal, and relatable discussion and I’m incredibly grateful for their work in the bitcoin space, and how they are both reaching mainstream audiences about the benefits of Bitcoin.

Lisa Hough:

Dom Bei:

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00:00:00 Start 00:00:06 Intros 00:02:25 Bitcoin Solutions 00:10:20 Bitcoin for Pensions 00:23:10 Bitcoin & Progressives 00:31:15 Energy Usage Debate 00:37:13 Financial Privacy  00:44:18 Political Divides 00:49:51 Broken Money 00:58:59 FinCEN Regulations 01:13:31 Surveillance Dangers 01:20:52 Conclusion

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