TPB57 – What the Left Should Know About Money

“I think the Left probably has a bigger disconnect on money than we see elsewhere.” 

My guest today is Lyn Alden. Lyn is a macroeconomist, author, and founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy

Far from a niche libertarian curiosity, Lyn compellingly frames bitcoin as aligning with progressive values of financial inclusion, human rights, environmental sustainability and transparency. By tracing the evolution of monetary systems, she builds a thoughtful bipartisan case for why progressives should reconsider biases against this new form of “hard money.”

In this conversation we discuss her new book Broken Money, which I think is one of the best books for low and working class people that exposes our current broken money and global financial system which benefits wealthy elite at the expense of every day people. We analyze global financial systems, the need for financial inclusion, Bitcoin’s opt-out properties, and how Bitcoin transcends traditional partisan divisions. Lyn makes a compelling yet nonpartisan case for why those on the left concerned with human rights, the environment, and social equity should take a fresh look at Bitcoin’s possibilities.

My hope is that this conversation will help folks from the left gain a better understanding of money, our global financial system, and yearn to learn more by reading Lyn’s book and other resources about how we can actually help people the way our values and social programs desire to. We can’t being to fix the world until we fix the money. 

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TIMESTAMPS: 00:00:00 Start

00:02:01 Introducing Lynn Alden  

00:04:29 The Progressive Disconnect on Money

00:08:20 How Bitcoin Could Appeal to Progressives  

00:14:15 Educating Politicians on Economics

00:19:18 Currency Debasement and War

00:24:40 The True Costs of Inflation

00:29:05 Escaping the Debt Spiral

00:35:00 Regulating Bitcoin in the U.S.

00:40:14 Bipartisan Bitcoin Support

00:44:46 The Trojan Horse Effect of ETFs

00:51:31 Updating Securities Laws 

00:57:18 The Crypto Scam Environment

01:03:21 Bitcoin’s Human Rights Appeal

01:08:55 Technological Solutions Beyond Politics

01:14:09 Macro Themes: Energy and Debt

01:14:42 Where to Find Lynn Alden

01:14:53 Conclusion


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