TPB56 – Bitcoin as a Progressive Force for Good

My guest today is Bradley Rettler. Bradley is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Wyoming and a member of the research collective Resistance Money alongside Andrew Bailey and Craig Warmke. In this episode we discuss how Bitcoin connects to progressive values like privacy, freedom, economic justice and inclusion. We also discuss Bitcoin’s potential for marginalized groups, protesting authoritarian regimes, campaign finance reform, reproductive rights, philosophy, critical thinking, renewable energy, and Bitcoin’s independence from government control. Bradley is one of my favorite people to talk to about Bitcoin and how it can intersect with the real world and these things we as progressives really care about, and I couldn’t be more excited for “Resistance Money” the book to be published in the coming months, which we will keep you all posted on.

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Trey Walsh


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00:00:00 Start

00:00:44 Intro to Bradley

00:01:14 Bitcoin basics

00:02:04 Progressive values

00:03:58 Bitcoin book intro

00:07:12 Bitcoin & progressives

00:09:57 Bitcoin & money printing

00:12:12 Bitcoin policy

00:14:42 Progressive politicians

00:17:50 Congressional reform

00:20:00 One issue voters

00:23:05 Effective messaging

00:25:25 Critical thinking

00:28:15 Book timeline

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