TPB58 – Bitcoin’s Bullish Case for Humanity with Alex Gladstein

“Bitcoin has tremendous promise to penetrate some of the inertia and perpetual suffering we see in the world.”

My guest today is Alex Gladstein. Alex is Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit which promotes and protect democracy & human rights around the world, with a focus on authoritarian regimes. He is the author of “Check Your Financial Privelege” and his latest book “Hidden Repression: How the IMF and World Bank Sell Exploitation as Development.” In this episode we discusses how Bitcoin can serve as a tool for freedom and empowerment around the world. Alex talks about Bitcoin’s ability to help activists and democratic movements resist authoritarian abuses, evade censorship, bypass the global inequities of the existing financial system, protect individual liberties, and shift power away from centralized governments back towards ordinary people and communities. We also get into some current global affairs, and the exciting moment in history we are in concerning bitcoin and censorship resistant technologies’ future. Alex was instrumental to me early on in my bitcoin journey, helping me understand Bitcoin’s human rights angle through his interviews and writings, so it was an honor to have him on the show.

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Trey Walsh

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00:00:00 Start

00:05:23 Bitcoin’s Potential for Human Rights

00:09:58 How Bitcoin Circumvents Financial Censorship

00:16:07 Spreading Bitcoin Education Globally

00:21:15 Bitcoin Adoption Rising Internationally

00:31:19 Bitcoin Benefits Rival Powers, Not Just One Group

00:39:47 Bitcoin for Peaceful Palestinian Resistance

00:45:50 Why Bitcoin Aligns With Progressive Values

00:54:55 Challenges Building Decentralized Social Media

01:03:15 Bitcoin’s Revolutionary Promise for the Global Financial System

01:09:59 Conclusion

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