TPB55 – Bitcoin in a Nuanced and Complex World with Mike Brock

My guest today is Mike Brock, CEO of TBD, (a part of Block), which focuses on building open source, decentralized technologies. In this wide-ranging conversation, Mike discusses Bitcoin’s relationship to politics, culture, and decentralization. He argues against simplistic views of Bitcoin as an all-encompassing solution and for nuance over maximalism. We discuss Bitcoin as a tool, the risks of centralization, using Bitcoin to advance liberal democracy and human freedom, romantics v skeptics, and more. I really enjoy Mike’s perspectives, passion for optimism and philosophy, and commitment to decentralized tech. Are we as divided as we think? Mike doesn’t seem to think so, and feels we are more united and bipartisan in many ways than people, especially on social media, will have us think.

Mike Brock


Trey Walsh


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00:00:00 Start

00:02:58 Mike Brock’s Background

00:08:20 Bitcoin is Political But Not Partisan

00:13:44 Bitcoin Culture Lacks Diversity

00:24:00 Bitcoin as an Instrument

00:32:39 Bitcoin Adoption Will Be Gradual

00:44:54 Politics Are Calming Down

00:50:48 Leaving Twitter and Echo Chambers

01:00:10 The Risks of Centralization

01:08:12 Decentralizing Social Media

01:13:40 Promoting Open Debate in Bitcoin

01:23:29 Romantics vs. Cynics

01:27:30 Focusing On What Really Matters

01:38:04 Social Media Less Important Than We Think

01:44:10 On Political Polarization

01:49:43 Improving Bitcoin Culture

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