TPB47 – Embracing Creative Ideas in Times of Crisis with Governor David Paterson

Today we are joined by former Governor of New York, David Paterson. Governor Paterson is an American politician and member of the Democratic Party who was the 55th governor of New York, succeeding Eliot Spitzer and serving out nearly three years of Spitzer’s term from March 2008 to the end of 2010 following Spitzer’s resignation. Governor Paterson has made history as the first legally blind governor in the nation, and the first African American Governor of New York. I was most interested in having Governor Paterson on the show to discuss his time as governor of New York during the Great recession. He did not disappoint…His candor, storytelling, humor, and openness to technologies like Bitcoin made this one of my favorite conversations. It was also refreshing to hear from a Democratic politician who is open to bitcoin and the ideas it represents as a tool to utilize in the face of a system that, “clearly isn’t working” in his words. 


Governor David Paterson 

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00:00:00 Start 00:00:06 Introduction 00:02:04 Bitcoin Basics 00:05:18 Paterson’s Background  00:10:12 The Great Recession 00:15:31 New York’s Budget Crisis 00:19:27 AIG Bailout 00:23:37 Bitcoin Origins 00:25:33 Education and Progress 00:30:05 Wealth Inequality 00:34:15 Partisan Politics 00:39:10 Crime in New York 00:44:08 Federal vs State Elections 00:49:21 Kennedy Jr. Campaign 00:53:42 Dark Times in U.S. 00:57:31 Bitcoin Solutions 01:13:25 Getting the Word Out 01:19:51 Embracing Change 01:28:57 A Technology of Hope


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