TPB48 – Bitcoin’s Role as a Tool for Financial Inclusion

Today we are joined by Taimur Ahmad, who focuses on Energy, Macro/Finance and Geopolitics and is a recent graduate of Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Stanford University. We discuss progressive ideas in bitcoin, bitcoin as ultimate financial inclusion, community and movement building and what bitcoin does–and doesn’t–fix. Taimur is very thoughtful in his approach to these very nuanced topics and takes care to look at all angles.  

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00:00:00 Start 00:01:34 Tamur’s Background 00:03:23 Bitcoin Discovery 00:05:18 Economics & Energy 00:10:12 Bitcoin Skepticism 00:15:31 Bitcoin Use Cases  00:19:49 Adoption Concerns 00:23:37 Status Quo Systems 00:28:57 Bitcoin Solutions? 00:31:00 Political Capture  00:34:20 Complex Conversations 00:39:43 Motivating Change 00:44:00 Local Use Cases 00:49:02 Wasted Focus? 00:53:50 Climate Activism 00:57:31 Market Solutions? 01:03:44 Reform The State 01:08:17 More Questions 01:13:01 Community Building 01:19:49 Proof of Work 01:19:51 Embracing Change 01:28:57 A Technology of Hope


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