TPB46 – Reimagining Progressive Values through Bitcoin with Jason Maier

Today we are joined by Jason Maier, High School Math teacher and author of “A Progressive’s Case for Bitcoin”. We get into his book, imagining a different system and way of thinking about things, speaking to progressives about bitcoin and his journey as a life-long learner and educator, and more. I think Jason has written one of the best introductory books on Bitcoin that can engage anyone, but especially those from the political left. He does incredible work educating people about bitcoin and how it is not antithetical to progressive values, but rather folks may find bitcoin aligns very well with many of their progressive values. Be sure to get a copy of Jason’s book (referral link below) if you haven’t already! 

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00:00:00 Start  00:01:31 Intro 00:02:32 Jason background 00:04:21 Teaching complex ideas 00:09:00 Bitcoin is the first step 00:12:43 Bitcoin exposes systemic flaws 00:17:23 Imagining a different system 00:24:33 Bitcoin changes incentives 00:30:07 Progressives are NOT corporate Democrats 00:35:22 What is a progressive? 00:43:03 Bitcoin transcends ideology 00:51:46 Inequality 00:56:34 Fiat is not a meritocracy 01:00:11 Owning your money 01:05:03 9/11 & privacy 01:09:54 Political neutrality 01:13:54 Wrap up


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