TPB45 – Nostr, Freedom and Community with Marce Romero

Today we are joined by Marce Romero who is a marketing professional and journalist from The Nostr Report. While this show is focused on bitcoin, one of my favorite things to talk about is Nostr, with its emphasis on decentralized, censorship-resistant communications. It is already shaking up the landscape of social media, and that’s just the beginning. We discussed nostr, journalism and freedom globally, privilege in western nations, bitcoin adoption, the politicization of things, and more.   

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00:00:00 Start 00:02:35 Nostr & Bitcoin Advocacy 00:06:25 Joining Nostr Report 00:09:20 Diverse Nostr Community 00:12:40 Responsibility of Journalism 00:16:30 Untapped Nostr Potential 00:20:05 Optimism & Realism 00:25:56 Passionate Nostr Advocates 00:30:02 World view 00:30:43 Mom’s book review 00:30:59 Need to learn 00:31:22 Learn legacy system 00:31:41 Not for me, but learn 00:32:04 Left & right perspectives 00:32:35 Diverse voices 00:32:58 Perception of Bitcoin 00:33:22 Bitcoin & left values 00:33:48 Bit Box 00:34:26 Freedom & individuality 00:35:39 Educate mainstream 00:59:24 – Venezuelans Crossing Central America 01:00:06 – Difficulties Crossing Continental America 01:00:49 – Immigration Challenges 01:01:18 – Lack of Resources in Home Countries 01:02:17 – Impact of Inflation in the US 01:03:08 – The Global South Seeking Solutions 01:04:00 – Argentina’s Monetary Problems 01:04:42 – Embracing Decentralization 01:06:09 – Governments and Taxation 01:19:09 – The Power of Communities and Nostalgia


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