TPB44 – The Fight for Freedom and Sovereignty with Jameson Lopp

Today we are joined by Jameson Lopp – privacy expert, technologist, cypherpunk, co-founder and CTO of Casa, and more. Jameson is a guru in all things privacy and building tools that empower individuals. This was a rich conversation about privacy, self-sovereignty, Jameson’s experience disappearing into ultimate privacy after a swatting experience, the future of technologies like bitcoin, nostr, and more. I think these types of conversations are really important for folks to begin to understand, and how folks on the left who value human freedom and humanitarian issues may see the value in these tools and methods that empower and protect individuals. You can follow Jameson’s work at 

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00:00 Start 02:48 Jameson’s background 08:06 Governance 14:35 Why should progressives care about BTC? 20:32 Getting swatted 26:16 NY Times article 27:50 Beginner privacy advice 30:49 Threat awareness & privacy 34:23 Motivation 39:40 History of Bitcoin Maximalism 45:28 Democratic party flaws 50:39 BTC politicians tracker 54:28 Casa 59:40 Nostr 01:04:50 Nostr vs traditional social media 01:07:02 Blue Sky 01:12:17 Platform moderation & AI 01:16:55 Saving people from themselves 01:21:05 The Last of Us ep. 3 01:22:38 Optimism & the Great Filter



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