TPB43 – Progressive Values on a Bitcoin Standard with Margot Paez

Today we are joined by Margot Paez, climate change physicist and fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute. Margot has a lot of wisdom on politics of the left, the occupy movement, journalism, freedom, doing the right thing in life, bitcoin and the environment and so much more. As one of the orginal core members of progressives in bitcoin, Margot remembers when this podcast first started and was an integral part of encouraging and support The Progressive Bitcoiner.

This one is for the progressive bitcoiners, the left of center folks who are skeptical of bitcoin, and those on the right who may be skeptical of the left, and the rich history of libertarianism and anarchism from the left. Enjoy!  


Margot Paez:   Trey Walsh:



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00:00 Start 04:44 Margot’s background w/ BTC 12:53 Main Bitcoin sticking point 20:57 Progressive policies & Bitcoin 24:03 Bitcoin research by Bitcoiners 31:29 Money is evil 39:48 Occupy wall street & BTC 45:52 Democratic party flaws 48:43 Warren’s anti-crypto army 53:36 Alt candidates for 2024 01:00:13 Putting people first 01:15:18 Bitcoin is for anyone 01:17:47 FEELING LIKE YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE 01:24:10 Margot research progress



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