The Search for Truth with Peter McCormack – TPB42

The Search for Truth | Peter McCormack | The Progressive Bitcoiner Ep.42

Today we are joined by Peter McCormack, host of the What Bitcoin Did Podcast, Chairmen of Real Bedford FC, and great supporter of The Progressive Bitcoiner and the movement to diversify voices and perspectives in Bitcoin. He also wrote the forward to Jason Maier’s new book “A Progressive’s Case for Bitcoin.” You can purchase Jason’s book here,, using promo code TPB for 10% off the book.

Peter McCormack: Trey Walsh:

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TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 Start03:16 Booking progressive guests 08:58 There was no progressive messaging in BTC 12:17 The “whys” of bitcoin 16:24 European feedback on the show 20:58 Tribalism 24:37 Politics 27:52 Search for truth 30:32 Covid 34:08 Online ads don’t work 35:38 Divorce 37:01 Reflecting on the journey 40:42 Bukele interview 44:16 Explanting your job in BTC 46:33 Authenticity 49:41 Are progressives statists? 53:22 Selling points of being progressive 56:43 Bitcoin is just a starting point for learning 01:01:37 Wrap up SUBSCRIBE Website: Libsyn: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Amazon: Fountain: RSS: FOLLOW & SUPPORT Twitter: Send Some Sats: Patreon: