Episode 41: Reclaim Your Health and Life

Reclaim Your Health & Your Life | Mark Stephany | The Progressive Bitcoiner

Today we are joined by Mark Staphany, author of SOVEREIGN HEALTH: Reclaim Your Health and Your Life and former host of this podcast. You can purchase Mark’s book here: https://www.amazon.com/SOVEREIGN-HEALTH-Reclaim-Your-Health/dp/B0BT6ZRPHL

Mark Stephany: https://twitter.com/Mark_MNLocal Trey Walsh: https://twitter.com/ktreywalsh


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00:00 Start 02:37 History of the podcast 07:37 Doctor Mark 09:33 Why medicine? 12:47 Writing the book 17:58 Medical care vs health 23:08 Armchair experts 28:01 Lack of trust 31:55 Changing the profession 35:09 Can politics help? 40:51 Bitcoin, individuals & community 47:13 Connection between BTC & being a doctor 57:21 Money as a tool 01:03:03 Who does the system serve? 01:07:21 Savior complex



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