TPB86 – Bitcoin Advocacy in the UK with Freddie New and Susie Ward

“Bitcoin enables you to do an awful lot of good in a very short period of time.” – Freddie New

My guests today are Freddie New and Susie Ward from Bitcoin Policy UK, an organization focused on Bitcoin advocacy and education in the UK. Freddie has a background in lobbying and law and serves as Head of Policy for BPUK. Susie is a financial analyst with a background in accounting and serves as Head of Mining and Sustainability for BPUK, and as a talented journalist has written several articles and bylines for Forbes and CityAm.

In this episode we discuss the current regulatory environment for Bitcoin in the UK, fighting against misinformation, and advocating for better policies. Freddie and Susie highlight the challenges and opportunities for Bitcoin adoption and Bitcoin mining in the UK, and share their efforts to educate policymakers and the public about Bitcoin’s numerous benefits.

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