TPB85 – Bitcoin Mining and the Future of Energy with Harry Sudock

“Bitcoin is those last five puzzle pieces we’re waiting for to achieve incredible quality of life.” – Harry Sudock

My guest today is Harry Sudock. Harry is the Chief Strategy Officer at Griid, a purpose-built American-based infrastructure company operating bitcoin mining facilities since 2019 utilizing low-cost, low-carbon energy, and a partner at Bitcoin Park, a community supported campus in Nashville focused on grassroots freedom tech adoption and a home for bitcoiners to work, learn, collaborate, and build.

In this episode we discusses Bitcoin mining’s role in expanding renewable energy, reducing emissions, and empowering communities. Harry explains Bitcoin’s proof-of-work mechanism, addresses common misconceptions, and highlights how Bitcoin mining incentivizes clean energy solutions through free market dynamics.

Harry’s book recommendation, Energy and Civilization: A History, by Vaclav Smil.

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