TPB53 – The History and Transformation of El Salvador with Gerson Martinez

Today I am joined by Gerson Martinez, Chief Strategy Officer at Volcano Energy. Gerson, who’s family immigrated from El Salvador to the United States, shares how Bitcoin is transforming safety, remittances, education, and financial sovereignty in El Salvador. We discuss the history of El Salvdaor and misconceptions about El Salvador perpetuated in Western media and advocate for amplifying local Salvadorian voices. Gerson also talks Bitcoin mining, nonprofit work, Bitcoin Beach, and why time with family is one of the most cherished things in life. See the links below for great Salvadorian led initiatives to follow and support: 

Volcano Energy: 

My First Bitcoin: Free, impartial bitcoin education in El Salvador: 

twitter: Website: 

The National Bitcoin Office of El Salvador: Bitcoin Beach: A circular bitcoin economy based in El Zonte, El Salvador: 

twitter:  Website: 

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00:00 Start

03:18 Gerson’s background & nonprofit work

13:16 Bitcoin Beach

18:14 Change in life pace at BTC Beach

20:00 Kids response to BTC beach

21:57 Safety in El Salvador

27:20 Political history of El Salvador

33:02 What actual safety feels like

34:30 USA exported gangs to El Salvador

40:47 Is Bukele bad for El Salvador?

45:54 Media outlets shaping opinions about El Salvador

55:31 Trey’s mission work & experience

59:45 Bitcoin adoption & education

01:09:47 Bitcoin mining

01:15:32 Time preference




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